5 Delights

5 Delights: Paris edition

Happy belated Easter! Here in Holland we’re celebrating ‘second Easter day’ today, which means getting back to work and enjoy the sun a little. I’m still enjoying my Paris trip from last week. Paris was one big delight, but I’ve picked a few favorites, besides last Friday Favorite. Of course I couldn’t resist to add a picture of my favorite spot in the city, the Eiffeltower.

Paris Delights

  • My first delight is eating oysters. There’s a great little seafruit shop near Place de Marche Saint Honore, where they are served fresh and tasty!
  • The mango cheesecake at Mandarin Oriental Paris tasted delicious, perfect treat in between a shopping spree
  • Also very appreciated: the healthy breakfast served at Hotel Gabriel in Le Marais. Fresh yoghurt, seeds, acai berries and dried cranberries. Jum!
  • Shopping in Paris is always a great idea. I can’t leave conceptstore Colette empty handed and always bring some books. At COS I couldn’t resist buying myself a green pantalon and orange socks. My favorite perfume Voyage d’Hermes needed a refill and since they had a limited edition package, I couldn’t resist.
  • Enjoying every bit of sunshine at the Jardin des Tuilieres. The green chairs, the pond and its view at the Eiffeltower make this one of my favorite places!
  • Eiffeltower view. Do I need to say more?
Sabine de Witte