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Coolpacking: new trend in travel?

Now glamping is already getting old, it’s time for a new trend in travel. The new trend is cool packing. It doesn’t mean to pack warm stuff and visit a cold destination, it means that you visit a destination without planning where to go and researching the must sees. You go there, ‘cold’ and once you are there, you try to get tips and advice from the locals through social media. Although I never go somewhere unprepared, as the preparations and the reason of a visit are mostly part of my work, I do ask for tips from locals through social media.

Location based apps

Besides asking where (not) to go on Twitter, or ask for tips about free WiFi, cool musea and local shops, I also use location based apps. Foursquare is my favorite, as a lot of locals put their experience in tips. Google Places is what I check for reviews and ratings and I try to leave my experience there as well. The local tips in Google+ are quite good as well. Last one I use is Whatser. It’s a bit difficult to explain what that’s about, but I have a collection of favorite spots per city and sometimes those spots offer me nice deals.

Add me for your coolpacking information

As I’m a frequent asker on social media when it comes to travel tips and destination advice, feel free to add me on Twitter to ask yours! I dare to call myself a Paris, Berlin and Barcelona specialist, but maybe I can help you out with other destinations too!

Sabine de Witte