Curio Stories

AMFI opened their new concept store in the heart of Amsterdam. It offers a platform to showcase the beautiful work that is made by AMFI students, teachers and alumni.

Curio Stories

The current concept is all about mixing meaningful objects with curiosity. All the different pieces work together. Art is mixed with science, old with new, man-made with natural. You can purchase items of designers still undiscovered and get inspired by the extraordinary work of Cora Verhoog, Ineke Vijn, and Idiots. The store is filled with infinite treasures: a collection of meaningful objects, snapshots of people’s lives, eccentricities and joyful experiences.


Shopping in style

By Amfi became a place favourably visited by professionals and fashion lovers from the creative and commercial industry in no time, because of it’s lovely ambiance. You can feel the inspiration in the athmopshere. The Curio Stories shop is open from tuesday till saturday, 12 a.m. till 6 p.m.

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Sabine de Witte