Dinner in Paris

Dinner in Paris is always challenging. So much trendy spots and delicate food. Where to go? Le Sergent Recruteur and Le Saint James are two amazing restaurants definitely worth a visit when you’re in Paris and looking for an ultimate dining experience.

Le Sergent Recruteur

When you choose to go for diner at le Sergent Recruteur you have to be prepared for an incredebile culinary experience. This restaurant once welcomed Napoleon’s troops and is now reopened after major renovation work. The precise and smooth-flowing service at this restaurant is in perfect harmony with the chef’s cuisine.
Restaurant Le Sergent Recruteur

Le saint james Paris

The Saint James is a luxury hotel with a chic restaurant in the well-preserved dining room. It has managed to resist the runaway urbanization and once inside, you travel back in time. The restaurant is beautiful and the food is simply delicious.
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Sabine de Witte