Don’t be rich, live rich


One necessary attitude to live your life to the max, is to dare. Dare to ask, to try, to go. If you don’t dare to live your goals, you’ll never reach them.
Through a globe trotting friend, I found this amazing presentation about two women who dared. Dared to give up all the securities they had. This is freedom. Doing what you like while traveling. Experiencing new places, cultures and a new lifestyle. Being ‘on the go’, discovering a new environment makes it possible to get to know yourself again, realize where you stand in life and find out if that’s satisfying enough.

This presentation made me realize once again, that freedom is very important for me. I have to be in control about what I do, where I work and when I do that. The idea of a 9 to 5 office job in a grey building scares the hell out of me.
Get inspired, dare and just do it! You are in control of feeling free and do what you like!

When you call yourself Nomadz, it’s pretty clear what is important to you!

Sabine de Witte