5 Delights

Five Delights: home edition

Everyday I will highlight five of my favourite products. This week the five delights in my appartment, the little things that brighten up my everyday life.

Barcelona chair

This adorable masterpiece not only has a place in the interior, it also has a place in my heart. I think the design is timeless and in combination with the colour, this chair is definitely one of my all time favourites.

Coffee table books

These coffee table books with beautiful pictures not only make my living room look nicer, they also provide me with a lot of inspiration.



Auping essential

One of the most important things in anyone’s home: a decent bed. With an Auping essential you can be sure you’ll have the best night possible. Waking up fresh and with enough energy to start a new day.

Orange details

In combination with all the natural and basic colours, the orange details really brighten up my appartment. I’ve got an orange Smeg refrigerator and this orange coffee machine.

Sabine de Witte