5 Delights

Five Delights: music edition

Every Monday we will highlight five of our favourite things. This week the five delights music edition, the little things that brighten up our music life.


Spotify gives you access to millions of songs, which is great because it saves lots of storage space on your computers. It also comes with the possibility to see the music your friends are listening to. We recommend following Herrehuberts for his lists


Soundcloud is perfect for sharing music and following your favorite artists, lots of times we


Sometimes you don’t want to listen to your own music, you want something that suits the mood you’re in. Perfects does exactly that, they provide you with curated lists for all kinds of occasions.

Michael Prins

This song was written for a Dutch tv show in search for the best singer songwriter. We think it is beautiful.


A little surprise this week, Anne has an amazing voice and every now and then she performs live. Last Saturday you could have seen her at Bar Barca, where Anne sang lounge/jazz. And during a Google search, we stumbled upon this beautiful capture.

Sabine de Witte