5 Delights

Five Delights: Office edition

Montblanc fountain pen

A solid fountain pen is that little thing that can make a big difference. Despite my online life, I use my Montblanc pen every single day. A beautiful pen has the ability to give your words a personal touch.

Smythson cards

Handwritten cards are simple, but effective and timeless. I always use Smythson cards, because of their luxurious British feeling. They make my messages truly personal, especially because of the adorable owls.

photo 1

Louis Vuitton business card holder

Almost all my leather accessories are Louis Vuitton and so is my business card holder. The complete stripped down minimalistic design looks desirable classy.

White moleskine

A notebook is essential for thinkers on-the-go. It leaves more space for creativity than a computer does. Because heavy used items like notebooks have to be made of good quality, mine is a Moleskine. The white one is my absolute favorite, with a blink to my lastname that means the white in Dutch.

iPad mini

I carry my Ipad mini with me everywhere I go. It is a reliable travel companion, perfect for getting information, staying up-to-date and writing notes, and it’s my best friend in the office. The Ipad mini has all the benefits of it’s bigger brother, but is, because of it’s size, easier in use.

Sabine de Witte