Five Delights

In 5 delights I will highlight every Tuesday a list of five things that brighten up my day a little. Gadgets, hotspots or other little things that cheer me up.

Chocolate Gifts

Social media and online communication is becoming a big part of our lives more and more and making less room (and time) for face to face communication. That is why it is fun and very special when you receive an unexpected gift in the mail. And then even with a personalized message. For such gifts you can shop at There you can simply order the best chocolate wrapped in a box with catchy text for the right person. In addition, the chocolate is delivered with a postcard, on which you can write a personal message on the website. So the carefully chosen chocolate with your own text and picture (if you’d like) will guarantee to put a smile on the receivers face…

Demolition Party

End of november, a group of invites symbolically put hammers in the walls of the Convent hotel during a Demolition Party. This event, a demolition party, was in collaboration with dance4life and PaardenKracht. The Convent Hotel Amsterdam will close its doors, but in March 2015 they will re-open under a new name: Mgallery Hotel.


Starting this month, IKEA will launch a unique collection of hand-woven rugs from Anatolia, the peninsula that covers a large part of Turkey. These gems from Turkey have been made before, used, worn out and now recycled into new, beautiful carpets. Each rug in the collection is unique and bears traces of the life and culture of its geographical origin in Anatolia. Get acquainted with TESTRUP, OKSLUND, GUDHJEM, Mejrup and SILKEBORG.


Not far from Arlanda Airport in Stockholm, approximately 2 kilometers, you can spend a night (or more) aboard a plane – an old 747 Jumbo. The aircraft was built in 1976 and after 31 years of loyal service to Singapore Airlines, Pan American and several other smaller airline companies, it retired. The refurbishment started in 2008, transforming the 747 into a 27-room hotel. All rooms are equipped with flat screen TVs that display flight arrivals and departures. Toilet and shower are shared, and if you want something more luxurious you can book the cockpit suite. Ideal place to stay while you wait for your next flight.

Hot Drinks for Winter

The Christmas lights are out and shining, wish lists are being composed and the iconic ‘Red Cups’ are back again this year. This can only mean one thing: the winter has officially begun! And at this special time of year Starbucks brings back the Christmas Blend and Christmas Blend Espresso Roast! Starbucks Christmas Blend combines coffees from different regions, which you can identify by its sweet and spicy flavor with cherry aromas. The coffee beans are from Sumatra and it takes between three to five years before they are mature. Starbucks Christmas Blend Espresso Roast combines the vibrancy of Latin American coffees, the softness of Asian coffee and a hint of mature Sumatran beans for a delicious and warm Christmas feeling. I don’t drink coffee myself, but I think it makes a perfect gift!

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