5 Delights

Five delights: pre-spring

From now on I will highlight five of my favorite products every Monday. My five delights, the little things that brighten up my everyday life.

Joe Merino sweater

An absolute favourite: my Joe Merino pullover in the colour BamBam blue. The material, Merino Wool, is luxuriously soft and it has that perfect fit. Because ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t work for women, you can’t buy the pullover online. But don’t worry, they have an inspiring concept store in Amsterdam where you can buy your own JoeMerino.


This COS bag is made of untreated leather and that gives it that undefeatable luxurious feel. With beige being one of my favourite colors when it comes to fashion and COS being one of my favourite brands, this bag is definitely best of both worlds. And another big advantage: my iPad mini fits in perfectly.

photo 1

Chanel 565 Beige

I’m a real nail polish addict and Chanel always gives me that intense colour and lasting hold. This Beige 565 fits exactly with my COS bag, so it sure is one of my new favorites.

COS ring

I got this bronze chain ring from a friend. It’s a flattened rope with a coiled detail at the front. I’m a huge fan of copper, I even have my own Tumblr, Copper Delight, where I post all my copper inspiration, so I couldn’t imagine a better present.

Chanel powder

Since Chanel‘s make-up artist Peter Philips introduced ‘les beiges’, I’m a huge fan. It gives you that healthy sunkissed face and it looks very natural. The powder isn’t packed in the well-known little black box, but in a beautiful beige one.

Sabine de Witte