Gaudi tour in Barcelona

Between 2010 and 2012 I visited Barcelona every other month. The idea was to set up a company over there and switch between Amsterdam, Barcelona and traveling. I really loved the city, the food, the weather. Made some friends, found my favorite places and the neighborhood. In September 2012, I decided to quit. A few incidents, the crisis and other opportunities made me decide not to make Barcelona my second hometown. Still, I love the city. Last week I was there again and the vibe is so good, the architecture always amazes me and ever since my first stay I fell in love with the daily rythm of the city. Despite all those visits I still have to see a lot of the city. Never saw the Sagrada Familia from the inside, neither did I see all the Gaudi works around town. Recently I’ve discovered City Wonders Gaudi Full-Day Tour, the perfect way to see all those highlights in one day, without waiting in line. I’d like to share this tour and show you the added value of it during a citytrip to Barcelona.

Gaudi Full-Day Tour

With its compelling architecture and fascinating history, Barcelona is probably the oldest yet most modern city you’ll ever visit. A jewel on Spain’s stunning northeastern Mediterranean coast, this city of more than 1.5 million couldn’t be more captivating. Of the many renowned people who’ve emerged from this cosmopolitan city, Antoni Gaudi is undoubtedly the most celebrated. Considering the many incredible marks that he left on Barcelona, it’s easy to see why. What better way to understand the permanent mark that the Catalan architect left on the city than by taking our Gaudi full-day tour?

Thrilling Modernism in an Ancient City

Technically speaking, Barcelona is ancient. Through the centuries, it’s been ruled by Roman law and Frank law, and various competing architectural styles have vied for dominance along the way. The people of Barcelona have always been forward-thinking, however, and nothing reflects that more than the works of Antoni Gaudi. In the Gaudi full-day tour, you’ll get to experience some of the architect’s most revered works. An experienced and highly knowledgeable tour guide will point out the most compelling and intriguing aspects of his masterpieces to ensure that you understand and appreciate the influence they’ve had on the city and its people.

Architecture Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen

There’s no question about it: Gaudi, who’s also known as God’s Architect, and Barcelona go hand-in-hand. To visit this incredible city without devoting at least a day to his works would be to miss out on some of its most compelling features. While Gaudi works are located throughout the city, some of the most iconic ones are located in Eixample, the city’s modernist quarter. That’s where you’ll spend your time during our full-day Gaudi tour, so you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in the amazing talent of this incredible architect.



A Fascinating Career

Gaudi enjoyed taking his main passions – architecture, religion and nature – and using them to create incredible pieces of Catalan Modernism. His style is organic and natural but interspersed with unique elements like wrought ironwork, ceramics and stained glass. His work evolved through the years, and our tour allows you to see this in action. From Casa Batllo, the House of Bones, which contains nary a single straight line, to the as-yet-to-be-completed Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s influence has lived on and continues to inspire new generations of artists and architects.



Homes, Parks, Basilicas: Eclecticism and Gaudi Go Hand in Hand

Some architects focus on creating specific types of buildings, but Gaudi didn’t place such limitations on himself. On our tour, you’ll visit homes that he was commissioned to create and refurbish for some of Barcelona’s most prominent families. You’ll also spend time exploring the whimsically fascinating Park Guell, which boasts winding serpentine benches, cozy enclaves, phenomenal panoramic views of the city and elements of religious mysticism and Catalan nationalism. In many ways, Park Guell is like a microcosm of this incredible city. The tour also includes a visit to Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s magnum opus, which was less than a quarter finished at the time of his death in 1926 and isn’t expected to be complete until 2026, a full 100 years after his passing.



In so many ways, Gaudi and his works exemplify what Barcelona is all about. Thanks to City Wonders’ full-day tour, you can gain a clear understanding of his influence on the city he loved in a single day.

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