Hong Kong cravings

Yes, I’m a nailpolish addict. For the brilliant colors, Chanel is my favorite brand. Despite the quality, I need to have them all. Specially limited editions. This year, the spring limited edition is inspired by Hong Kong. Two colors, Western Light – a plum, shiny one and Eastern Light, a shimmering white one. I need to have the Eastern Light version. White is my last name, the color has my name written all over and look at the brilliant minimalistic package. Ok, I need two of them. One to actually use and one to show off for decoration. The hunt has begun!

Order them online if you’re living in the US. If you’re living in Europe: visit all possible Chanel boutiques and if you get your hands on one, please do me a favor and bring one for me. I’ll pay you back the money and I’ll honor you on the blog 🙂

chanel eastern light nailpolish

Sabine de Witte