Hotel Highlights: Union Øye

In the past few years I have spent one-third of my time in hotel rooms. And to be honest, I would love to live in a hotel; the atmosphere, the comfy beds, and luxury service. Living in a hotel used to be very common in the past, Coco Chanel with her suite at the Ritz in Paris was one of my big dreams. Therefore, starting now, I want to highlight every week a hotel where I have spent the night or a hotel that I would (highly) recommend. This week’s recommendation is in Norway: Hotel Union Øye.

Time Machine

Once you cross the threshold of this hotel it will feel like you’ve taken a trip with a time machine, to a ‘world’ where the time has literally stood still. But in a good way. The whole building oozes character, it overwhelms you with comfort and old-world luxury. The Union Øye is somewhat in the middle of nowhere and was originally built for the reach of hikers and wanderers. But the hotel quickly became widely known for its great service and lovely atmosphere. The hotel has 27 rooms which are all decorated differently. Over the years many famous and special guests have stayed at the Union Øye, therefor each room bears the name of an old guest. So you can stay at the cottage named Queen Wilhelmina or retreat in the room of the author of the Sherlock Holmes books, guaranteed a wonderful stay in luxury.


Staying at this hotel is like being in a fairy tale! Would you not like to spend a night here?

Sabine de Witte