Hotspot: Andy Wahloo Paris

I adore the Parisian city atmosphere, the aroma filled boulangeries and the cozy, but often crowded cafes. There are enough reasons for me to go back to Paris at least ones a year. When I’m there I always try to discover new places. Last month I was in Paris and this time I indulged in the 70’s atmosphere at Andy Wahloo. Although Andy Wahloo, a cozy, yet hip bar, has been open since the fall of 2008, I never set foot in that bar before that night.


The name Andy Wahloo

The name of the bar is a fun twist of the famous pop art creator Andy Warhol. In Arabic Wahloo means “I have nothing”. This being ironic as Akim and Mourad Mazour filled the bar with art and so much more than nothing. Mourad Mazour, being a successful (multiple) restaurant owner, is known widely for his restaurants in London: Momo and Sketch. He is a man with passion for food and cares about the heart & soul of each and every restaurant he owns. He opened Andy Wahloo with his brother, Akim, along with the restaurants 404 and Derriere, which are all neighboring restaurants with a shared tree-lined courtyard.




Andy Wahloo is situated in the 3rd arrondissement of the Marais area and like most tourists I had difficulties finding the right street. After a few wrong turns I finally stood in front of its gates. When I walked through the ‘gates’ the narrow space opened into a lovely courtyard which was filled with a friendly and happy crowd. The bar is comfortably small and dressed in Moroccan style with trendy art work and bold Louis Vuitton motifs. During the day you can get comfortable on cushions with a mint tea in hand a la Moroccan style. But when evening comes and candlelight takes over, (creative) cocktails and North-African wine starts flowing. Aside from the impressive collection of drinks, you can also order some Arabic tapas. As it gets darker outside, the music starts playing louder inside and when the DJ starts spinning, I advice you to go join the crowd on the dance floor.



Open from Tuesday till Saturday
69, rue des Gravilliers
Tel: 01 42 71 20 38
(happy hour 5pm to 8pm)

Sabine de Witte