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Ikea digilogue


IKEA-catalogus 2013 met digitale toevoegingen

Augustus staat weer voor de deur en vele IKEA-fans hangen dan dagen voor hun brievenbus. De nieuwe catalogus wordt dan bezorgd, vaak voor velen een inspiratiebron en een stapje naar de overgang van zomer naar winter, door nieuwe spullen te kopen en het huis onder handen te nemen. Wist je dat de eerste IKEA catalogus al in 1951 uit kwam? Dit jaar brengt Ikea de catalogus tot leven. Omdat tegenwoordig iedereen een smartphone, tablet, iPhone of iPad heeft, zijn er nu extra toevoegingen gebruikt, zoals inspiratie en how to filmpjes. Handig!

In het filmpje een kleine sneak peak van de nieuwe IKEA 2013 catalogus. En ik werd er blij van, zeker nu ik voor het nieuwe kantoor, The Social Room, fanatiek aan het ikea-shoppen ben. De IKEA PS collectie vind ik dit jaar echt geweldig!

Vandaag kwam in de USA de nieuwe collectie al uit, daar is de cover van. Grote kans dat ‘onze’ catalogus er heel anders uit ziet!

Sabine de Witte

Reisjournalist at YourAmbassadrice
(Reis)Journalist en Content Creator. Voor altijd nieuwsgierig en op zoek naar de meest bijzondere plekken op het gebied van luxe reizen, lifestyle, gastronomie en design
Sabine de Witte


  • That Mandali glow ✨ Since I’m back I found myself a new long term career goal, amazing opportunities crossed my path and I’ve opened up myself for new plans and people. My 🖕🏻 became my best friend: if you don’t like me or what I do, not my problem. Best start of the year - although next year I’ll go somewhere less winterish 🧳
  • Can’t get enough of airplane window views like this 🏔
  • The power of silence, nature and Mandali is pure magic ✨🧘🏼‍♀️ Threw some old baggage from the top of a mountain, was surprised how natural silence and not touching my 📱devices felt, read 3 books, was surprised to hear my own voice again (and how much noise eating makes, although it felt very mindful, taking 9 minutes for one mandarin) and I feel much lighter. Best start of the year, what a gift to me, myself and I! Thanks @mandali_retreats (all paid for myself) for your magic! 🏔 - and @deblonsports for making me feel comfortable wearing yoga pants all day every day - except I still won’t fly in it, it is stylish as hell! 📸by @fionacitroen who inspired me to invest in myself #mandaliretreat #mandali #italy #piedmont #mountaingirl #silence #silentretreat #gift #luxurytravel #upgradeyourstyle #glow
  • Went on a solo retreat and this is what I mainly did: endlessly staring outside, mesmerized by the beautiful views on local nature, drinking tea and moving towards every little ray of sunlight. I can highly recommend going on a little trip solo. It is easier to unwind from daily life, you can 100% do what you really feel like and you can finally reflect and act on what’s been on your mind for a while. Would you go on a trip alone? 
#mooirivier #soloretreat #travelingalone #memyselfandiandthezelfontspanner #nature #selfcare #conscioustravel
  • Snapping into the new year 📸 Trying to get out of hibernation mode, luckily the Italian mountains are calling me for a weekend of zen, silence and yoga at @mandali_retreats 
Captured by @clacam .
#snappingintothenewyear #snappingintoreality #hibernation #photography #shootingtime #zenbine
  • 2019: the year least travelled in my past decade. In which I learned: the curiosity and wanderlust are stronger, you can’t force yourself into not wanting to explore, in having a ‘normal’ life. It’s also the year I finally felt home in my own place. Contradicting much, but coming home never felt so good. My place, my rules, my mess, my carefully curated interior, my designs, my safe heaven, art, memories. Home. And now I’m off to @mooirivier - the last trip of the year, a solo retreat. Me, my thoughts, plans, ideas and a notebook, nature and silence. Recharging. See you next year, excited for the 2020 journey! .
#playtime #beach #sandcastles #portugal #tripdownmemorylane #praiadaluz #algarve #bestbeachesineurope #soloretreat
  • First time in years celebrating Christmas in NL, decided not to make it a tradition, gosh it’s dark, moody and grey. Merry Christmas y’all 🎄
  • Never stop playing 🌊
#beachgirl #portugal #algarve #waves #innerchild #jump #neverstopplaying #nevernottraveling #bestbeaches #beautifuldestinations #europetravel #travel #bretonstripes
  • This year I travelled only a fraction of the years before (yeah environment, meh me growing) but I sincerely hope I infected this little one with the travel bug. She reminds me of myself, with an even more curious and open eye, knows no fear. Grateful we as a family got the opportunity to explore Portugal, travel really is the only thing that makes you richer. 📸 (and 👧🏼) by @monique_dew .
#portugal #family #nevernottraveling #grateful #richkidsofinstagram #minime #travelbug #algarve #beautifulbeaches
  • Nairobi is one of the greenest cities, a delight to exchange city life chaos with  the Karura forest. Walking towards a new trip here, adventure awaits! .
#kenya #karuraforest #nairobi #greencity #urbannature #cityforest #nature #forestbathing #walkingtowardsnewadventure #africa #fridayflashback
  • Monday Motivation: work hard, travel further and relax more
#aftermountainbikeglow #kenya #bikesafari #iphonetest #mondaymotivation #workhardplayharder #neubaueyewear #dogoodseegood #powerstones

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