Internet usage abroad

Internet in a foreign country

To be able to work I only need my laptop, juice and an internet connection. First two are easy, I bring my laptop wherever I go, I bring my charger to plug in to a power plug (although they can be hard to find for example on airports) and I’m ready to go. The internet connection though, is much harder. Luckily I was one of the first who discovered Droam, the solution for data roaming abroad.

Droam: cheap data roaming abroad

Droam is the solution to stay online during your stay abroad without worrying about the costs. You hire the MiFi, know what the costs of the service is in advanced and you can choose between 2 different data limits, depending on your destination and usage. With Droam I can go abroad for a one-day trip without anybody noticing I’m not in Amsterdam (that would be, if I didn’t share that on Foursquare/Twitter/Facebook either ;)).

Horrifying bills

As a Droam user, I’m always well prepared and informed about roaming rates. Besides my own research, I rely on the text messages my provider sends me when I’m at a foreign destination. Last January I stayed in Andorra for a few days, where my provider didn’t support data roaming at all. Why, my business partner found out a little later, in a very unpleasant way. Luckily his provider understood this was a major mistake and they were able to find a fitting solution. Did you knew Andorra wasn’t part of Europe? We didn’t.
There is a way to stay connected abroad without the tremendous costs!

The Droam Device

Sabine de Witte