Learning a language

Language schools

At the moment I’m in Barcelona for Spanish courses. As I’m starting up a business in Barcelona, I should speak the local language. A two week language course it is. Back to school, between students suffering hangovers, airconditioning and heat, while I seriously try to learn something. Some advice how to learn a new language the fastest and most efficient way with long lasting results!

Test yourself

Some languages you are already familiar with, but you want to improve them. Search for online language tests to decide which level you are. This makes it easier to set and achieve goals. Not all tests are 100 % reliable. For example, my Spanish entrance test adviced B1, but besides some words and familiarities with English and French expressions, my Spanish was starter level. Though I practiced before with the standard sentences every travel guide contains and I read the El Pais, no matter where in the world I am. The best newspaper in the world, if you ask me. And the pictures are brilliant. If you’ve tested yourself, the language school hunting starts. Do you want an intensive course, a little laidback or do you have other recommendations? The language school recommends you to stay with a guest family, but that means you don’t have much privacy and you don’t know where you get situated. Luckily for me, it worked out perfectly, after getting in to touch with the organization a lot.


Easy to say, but practice is key. Don’t be afraid your pronounciation is wrong, do your homework and listen very carefully. Try hard, read and listen to the language you want to learn. When you leave the country, try music and movies with subtitles, works perfectly for me. And, remember how stupid those idiom classes were back in the days? Writing the words and the meaning? It’s proven to work perfectly. You remember the word, the meaning and the way you write it much better!

Buenos noches a todos, me voy a dormir!

Sabine de Witte