Man Repeller

Different tastes

It’s probably one of the most talked about topics; the differences between a man and woman. Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Women are sensitive, they whine about stupid unimportant things while men brag and talk only superficial stuff. Men need meat and the women should take care of what they eat. I can write down hundreds or stereotypes, but that’s not what I’d like to share. I like to share the fashionable differences in taste. Men like short, tight and cleavage. They don’t care about trends, unless the trend is to cover everything up. Women like to dress like others, be trendy and fashionable. When it comes to fashion, women really are sheeps. When one wears a new trend, they follow a little later.

Man Repeller

Every season there’s at least one item that’s a real man repeller. Like the jumpsuit, harem pants, boyfriend jeans, extra long skirts and turtle necks. You can call them ‘man repellers’. When you wear an item like that, you don’t have to expect compliments from the boys. It doesn’t turn them on, to say it flat. And, although I’m a big fan of jumpsuits, I think we cannot blame them. When a woman has the right sizes and her body and age can handle a tight dress, shorts or skirt with tight top, I rather look at that too. A sexy trifle may reveal lots, but als keeps a lot covered for fantasy and imagination. But, smart as women can be, I found a great blog which makes an advantage of all the male dislikes. She shows how you can wear ‘man repellers’ in a sexy way. She is fashion and started wearing man repellers as a challenge for (wo)mankind. So if you really want to wear those Hunter boats underneath your Lady Gaga shoulder padded dress, overall with clogs (or even worse: Crocs) or knitted jumpsuit: watch and learn from The Man Repeller how to wear it with style and taste, without repelling the man. ‘Cause in the end, that’s all us women want: men feeling attrackted to us.

Harem Pants: man repeller

Sabine de Witte