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During one of my business trips to Barcelona, I was introduced to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group. With the lack of an office in a central location in the city, I started working at the Mandarin Oriental Barcelona hotel lobby. The Barcelona hotel is one of the prettiest hotels I’ve ever seen. White, clear and the home perfume makes me really feel welcome. For my birthday, which I celebrated in Barcelona, I spend the night at the hotel. A complete experience which made me feel like a princess. When I checked in the staff saw it was my Birthday and when I arrived at the Junior Deluxe suite, they even brought me a birthday cake and a bottle of Cava.
I also visited the Mandarin Hotel in Paris, London and during my roadtrip in Switzerland, I’ve stayed in the Mandarin Oriental Geneva.

Personal experiences

During all my trips I’ve stayed in different types of hotels. Luxury hotels, budget hotels, so called ‘boutique’ hotels. What I like during a stay is being treated as a person, not as a guest. I have my wishes and needs, just like everybody else and not being in your own place, where everything is situated on your own needs, is uncomfortable enough. Being able to make a cup of tea in my room, to start a relax arrival before getting back to the daily business, for example. Reading my favorite newspapers, free wifi in my room. Small, personal touches like remembering my name.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Groups released a video about what they offer and experience as their unique selling points.
I can’t write it down any better then the atmosphere in the video shows.

Sabine de Witte