Menspiration #5

Because men also enjoy living the luxurious lifestyle, and travelling, we’ve decided to have a weekly ‘menspiration’ segment. From style advice to new men essentials, beauty and gadgets. Inspiration for stylish appearences on all occasions, gift recommendations and all the things men like to do on a trip.

Tequila Advent Calendar

It’s about that time of year again, the Holiday Season. So time to break out the Advent Calendars and get down to business. Chocolate advent calendars might be more a woman’s thing, but men should not be left out when we count down to Christmas. That’s why we introduce to you the Tequila Advent Calendar, where behind each window you will find tequila from brands like Patron, Jose Cuervo, and Arette. Whether you decide to kick-start each morning or save them for the evening, from the 1st to 24th December you get a daily booze filled treat from Master of Malt!

Luxury Wallets by Quasso

Quasso, the Italian accessory brand owned by Querijn van den Broeke, stands for smart design, beautiful craftsmanship and innovative materials. The handmade accessories are rare, original and from the highest quality. Quasso was founded with a mission, “to change the way men think about.” They believe a wallet should be more than just a black or brown piece of leather that holds together your valuables, it should be exemplary of your personality. Moreover, Quasso’s wallets are a great gift idea. One of our favorites is the limited edition the graphite wallet from Japanese shark leather.

Next Glass

Last week Next Glass, the new wine app, got launche. It promises to give its users a personalized recommendations based on their taste. All you have to do is tell the app your wine and or beer preferences, based on the collected data Next Glass will come up with your own personal taste profile. So when you scan a wine label at the store, you will receive a personalized score which will indicate the likelihood of you enjoying that wine, the same goes for beer. The app will also provides information about calories, sugar content and alcohol level. Aside from this you can also add friends on the app and see their preferences, this can come of handy when shopping for gifts.

Sabine de Witte