Menspiration #6


Because men also enjoy living the luxurious lifestyle, and travelling, we’ve decided to have a weekly ‘menspiration’ segment. From style advice to new men essentials, beauty and gadgets. Inspiration for stylish appearences on all occasions, gift recommendations and all the things men like to do on a trip.

Dram Christmas Crackers

At Master of Malt they are very creative, as they come up with some of the most refreshing ideas in the world of spirits. Last week we introduced one of their advent calendars, a classic for this time of the year. But this Christmas they also have something new and special to offer: Drinks by the Dram Christmas Crackers. Drinks by the Dram have re-imagined Christmas crackers that reward you with plastic toys and yo-yos. If you pull this Christmas cracker you will be rewarded with a 3cl sample of a delicious spirit or liqueur, a crap joke, and a paper party crown. Each box contains six crackers that make Christmas dinner even more fun.

New Terre d’Hermès

“Terre d’Hermès Eau Très Fraîche is a dot above an i. The line is the man on earth, the dot is his spirit. Inseperable.”

Terre d’Hermès Eau Très Fraîche, a new version of Terre d’Hermès, was developed by perfumer Jean Claude Ellena and launched earlier this year. The original Terre d’Hermes is a wonderful citrus/woody scent, while Terre d’Hermès Eau Très Fraîche is lighter and citrusier, with also a hint of aquatics and quite a bit of geranium. The new fragrance for men was described by Hermès as “a dialogue between bitter orange and woody notes and a clash between the solidity of earth and the freedom of citrus”. Through the new scent Hermès is striving for a contemporary expression of masculinity.

Tom Ford’s Conditioning Beard Oil

Nowadays guys with beards are everywhere, a trend that has gone way beyond Movember madness. So it makes only sense that Tom Ford created a range of beard oils, to make facial hair a more fragrant experience. Tom Ford’s conditioning beard oil comes in three of his signature scents: Neroli Portofino, Oud Wood, and Tobacco Vanille. Aside from daily grooming these oils are the key to a well-kept beard, as they condition, soften and nourish the beard. The oil consists of a non-greasy blend of almond, jojoba, and grape-seed oils as well as Vitamin E. Help disperse the oil and smooth the hair by combing with the Tom Ford Beard Comb. Give your beard a luxury experience!

Sabine de Witte