Menspiration #1

Because men also enjoy the good life, travel and luxury lifestyle, we’ve decided some weekly ‘menspiration’. From style advice to new men essentials, beauty and gadgets. Inspiration for stylish appearences on all occasions, gift recommendations and all the things men like to do on a trip.


The Ultimate Collection

When you’re endlessly pondering of buying a perfect gift for a man who’s a lover of luxury, or you’re simply thinking of coffee table books, then I suggest you start with the teNeus’ Luxury Toys for Men books. TeNeus, a renowned publishing company, has been publishing the Luxury Toys for Men series for over a decade now. It’s no wonder that the expectations are sky high for this year’s release. Interesting fact: the company’s infrastruture was completely demolished during World War 2, but it found the strength to rebuild itself. Talk about dedication! Getting back to 2014’s Luxury Toys for Men release, it will be called ‘Toys for Men – The Ultimate Collection‘, which is more expansive and extravagant than ever before. When browsing the thick 304 pages of the book, you’ll find yourself in a state of luxurious indulgence, from different assortments of desirable items to fabulous travel destinations.


The book promises to be a collection of every luxurious fantasy that a man has imagined; it contains stunning photographs of cars, bikes, yachts, watches, gadgets, planes, electronics, dream-like destinations, and many more. Although possibly a pefect gift for a man, it still might be equally appreciated by women 😉

Sabine de Witte