Mulberry AFW 2013 campaign

Who doesn’t like the smooth Mulberry leather bags? My personal favorite was last seasons Mulberry Willow in mint. Today the new Autumn/Fall/Winter 2013 campaign released, featuring top model Cara Delevigne and owls. Lots of owls. A stunning combination, the fresh face of Cara, the cute and powerfull owls and the pretty bags in typical fall colors like burgundy, forest green and camel.

Tim Walker and Ronnie Cooke Newhouse

Brains behind the campaign are photographer Tim Walker and director Ronnie Cooke Newhouse. Inspiration was found in the beauty and mistery of the English countryside. Very impressive result and I think Mulberry definitely puts herself in the picture, literally, for a whole new, younger audience. My favorite photo is the one where Cara is wearing the white dress. Her young, fresh and innocent face contrast perfectly with the black bag and the stern look of the owls, amazing!

Which is your favorite picture and/or bag?






cara delevigne mulberry


Sabine de Witte