My Travel must haves

Things I have to bring while traveling

I think I’m not the only person with a list of items I have to bring while traveling. Some to make it easier for me to travel, some because I can’t enjoy traveling without them. And still I manage to forget some of those items, stupid me. I’m actually planning to make a standard small bag with all the items in it, but that also means I have to buy things double and I don’t want that too.

The ‘can’t travel without… list

Some items you probably understand, some are ridiculous but I can’t help it… it makes me feel comfortable or relaxed.

  • Bose Noise Canceling Headphones – the best buy ever. Whether you go by plane, train or car, you can sleep, enjoy music or listen to silence. I’m always the lucky girl seated next or in front of a baby, but thanks to these headphones I don’t mind. I don’t hear them!
  • Privium pass – this pass allows me to use the fast track for many flights and gives me access to the lounge on Schiphol so I can eat, relax or work before my flight. Unfortunately the lounge isn’t open during weekends (yet), and opens at 6 a.m., so no relaxed early flights. Luckily there’s a citizenM hotel at Schiphol, where I stay when I have to catch an early flight or come back in the middle of the night.
  • Droam – dataroaming doesn’t have to be expensive these days. As my work is all online, I need to be able to go online everywhere, but I don’t want to work only for my dataroaming bills. This is the ideal solution!
  • Nailpolish – you can call me crazy, but nailpolish is my addiction. No matter where I go, my nails must be painted and look nice. No chips or scratches. Therefore I bring the nailpolish, to do my nails when necessary.
  • Pillow – not only comfortable during your flight, you also don’t know what kind of pillow you can expect. And no matter how luxurious your hotel might be, if the pillow isn’t comfortable, you won’t sleep well. An inflatable neck pillow is easy to bring and use!
  • Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream – for dry hands, lips, face and wounds. During and after your flight, in cold or hot weather. The secret of looking sophisticated, if you ask me!
  • Scarf – easy way to keep yourself warm in the plane, cover your shoulders when visiting churches or other religious buildings, to replace a towel or watch a sunset on the beach. Multi-functional, if you don’t wear it, it’s still traveling light and you can use it to recognize your luggage as well!
  • Toilet bag to go – As your limited with liquids in your handluggage, I always buy or ask for miniatures. Easy to bring, pack and use and the amount is right for almost 4 days. I don’t bring my whole perfume bottle, day cream and bodylotion, I only bring those miniatures. Not only comfortable for your stay in the hotel, where they usually don’t have hair conditioner, face wash and mouth water, but also when you’re going on a trip visiting a nearby city or you want to look decent on the beach. I always put some make-up in it aswell, in case my luggage gets missing or stolen, I have some back-up. Unfortunately, something like a Dopp kit for women doesn’t exist…
  • Evian Facial Spray – or some other brand, but this is the cheapest one (I use a Sensai or Avene, always in my handbag) I know. Traveling and especially flying is exhausting your skin; change of humidity, sun powers and the change of temperature is heavy for your face and hands. Besides drinking a lot of water before, during and after your travel (don’t be tempted into wine or other drinks, water, tea or tomato juice is the best to keep the level of liquids in balance), use caring and dehydrating products a regular fresh up with facial spray helps you protect your skin. You want to look healthy everywhere right
  • Back-up papers – I have a passport and ID-card. On purpose, because beside the fact that I don’t know where I’m going to travel 5 years in advance, I always have a back-up travel document. I also have an extra credit card. Both I keep in my hotel/appartment, just in case. In Barcelona chances are likely you get robbed. And it takes a couple of days to request new bank account passes, credit cards and travel documents. It is such a waste of time if you have to spent it on waiting for silly things like that! If you’re taking your laptop, make sure you’ve backupped your files before flying! Laptops with hard disks are very sensitive for bumps, so traveling with it increases the risk of damage. You don’t want to loose your documents, it’s not very professional when you’re on a business trip and your docs are all gone. I back up my laptop everyday and use the cloud to save my documents extra. That way I can always access my important (work) documents. And of course, there’s a copy of my ID and important papers in it! Of course the same goes for pictures: if you made pictures during your trip, take out the memory card or sync them on your computer before you go back. It’s a big loss if your camera get’s stolen or breaks and you don’t have the pictures to show of at your friends.
  • Longchamp handbag – besides my laptopbag and suitcase I’m not allowed to bring another handbag at many airlines. But when I’m on my destination, I don’t want to bring my laptopbag all the time. Besides the fact that it increases robbery’s and other incidents, it doesn’t fit all the activities during a trip. Therefore I have a Longchamp bag, the classical Paris brand found a very practical solution. The bag is foldable, and therefore easy to bring, also when traveling light. And if I want to bring some extra handluggage, I put my laptopbag in the Longchamp weekend bag. Easy to bring on a shopping spree as well!
  • Something precious – a little emotional, but I always take something precious with me. I always wear the rings that my parents got me and bring/wear the Hermes bracelet I got as a present. If I feel lonely, lost, sick or bad, it reminds me of my home, family and friends!
  • Jumpsuit – besides the nailpolish this may sound silly as well, but this is the one piece that fits to many occassions and saves a lot of space. Whether I have a casual or informal party or meeting, a jumpsuit is easy to wear for all these things. Wearing a blazer, clutch and heels to a dinner with clients, or only the jumpsuit, a small belt and some fitting accessoiries for a night out. It’s worth investing in a good, simple jumpsuit in black, grey, blue or brown. These colors can be combined with a lot, and changing accessories creates a complete different look. Everywhere I go, I bring my Filippa K jumpsuit!

    Already 13 pieces to fill my bagage with, but these items make traveling and packing way more easier and comfortable! The items aren’t mentioned in a specific order of needs or way of packing though. What’s the one thing you can’t travel without?

    One jumpsuit, two different occasions, complete other looks!

    Sabine in Barcelona

    Sabine de Witte