One day without shoes

Consider how shoes enable you to travel, traverse uneven terrain, and to take care of your feet. It’s very easy to take shoes for granted – but many people, and many children in the world don’t own or have access to shoes. Most people don’t even realize how many children in developing countries grow up barefoot and all the risks, infections and diseases they endure.


It’s easy to take something simple as your shoes for granted, but tomorrow it’s also easy to participate and make a difference. People worldwide will take off their shoes to spread awareness of the impact a pair of shoes can have on a child’s life. One Day Without Shoes supporters can go to the website to get all of the latest updates, create and join events in their area, download an event tool kit, and upload photos. Anyone can join the online conversation by using #withoutshoes to see how others around the world are supporting this day.

Sabine de Witte