Pianist Lang Lang in Amsterdam

Yesterday the talented world famous pianist Lang Lang visited the Montblanc Boutique in Amsterdam and I was there for a meet & greet. Lang Lang is one of the ambassadors for the Montblanc Signature for Good initiative, to support Unicef in providing quality education all over the world. Lang Lang knew at the age of 2 he wanted to be a professional pianist and now he’s one of the youngest players in the world.

Lang Lang the pianist

Lang Lang played his first ouverture at the age of 5. Amazing right? He knew he was gifted with talent at a very young age, where most of us struggle in daily life to discover what we’re good at and always find out way to late. He was admitted to the Conservatorium when he was 9 and during his studies he was able to grow his talent, develop himself and become a master pianist. Realizing he’s only 3 years older, I worship his talent even more. Lang Lang plays all over the world and gave presence in a very special concert last Wednesday in Amsterdam, for the Royal family in honor of the 125th birthday of the ‘Concertgebouw’. I’m always touched with his plays, you can see the passion, the talent and his joy.

langlang in amsterdam

Lang Lang at Montblanc Boutique Amsterdam

Yesterday Lang Lang visited the Montblanc Boutique for a meet and greet, where he first told us about the importance of education. Without education, he wouldn’t have been able to grow as a musician. Can you imagine yourself without education? Not being able to read, write or calculate? That’s exactly why Lang Lang became an ambassador for the Signature for Good initiative. Because everybody has the right to have good education. Or, like my personal wish, ‘Everybody has the right to learn how to write’. I cannot imagine how I would feel if I wasn’t able to write down all my feelings, frustrations, adventures and discoveries. Personally I guess it would drive me crazy!

Lang Lang's Signature for Good

lang lang and anne

Signature for Good initiative

Montblanc created a special (limited) collection called Signature for Good. If you purchase an item, you support the projects initiated by Unicef. You can also donate, if you don’t feel like purchasing a piece from the collection. I think this is a very good cause because good education isn’t available for everybody. For us here in Europe, education is like food and water, you just take it for granted. Well, we shouldn’t. I know I’ve complaint a lot about going to school, learning things I didn’t like. In the end, everything is actually quit useful in daily life. Education is the foundation for a better future.

montblanc boutique amsterdam signature for good event

Sabine de Witte