The Pijp Highlights: Pho 91

Did you already hear about Pho 91? I’m excited about this new Vietnamese food hotspot in town! Most of my friends who are fan of the Asian cuisine travel often to Paris, not for the Eifeltower but to indulge their taste buds with Vietnamese food. Now we don’t have to drive 4 hours for fresh and delicious Vietnamese specialties. Pho 91 is a hidden yummy treasure in the busy Albert Cuypmarkt area.

Healthy & fresh Vietnamese cuisine

Vietnamese cuisine is known for its healthy dishes, using fresh ingredients, very little oil, and variety of herbs and vegetables. And of course fish sauce, the keystone of Vietnamese cooking. On the menu of Pho 91 you will find meals that were inspired by popular and traditional dishes that you can also find on the streets of Vietnam. The healthy meals are great for a quick lunch and or dinner.



On a cold summer day (why is it so cold already?!) my friend and I decided to check out Pho 91. We were happy (lucky) to get a table right away despite it being crowded. While waiting for our food I admired the tiny but oh so cozy restaurant. The interior design consists of art drawings on the black part of the wall which represents the street-food culture in Vietnam. There are also black and white snapshots of Vietnam on the walls, the rest is decorated with Vietnamese accessories, and vintage furniture.


Yummy in my tummy

I ordered summer spring rolls with vegetables and peanut sause for starters. Yummy light appetizer. For the main course I chose to finally try the famous Pho, a popular street food in Vietnam. I was delighted because no where else was I able to find a vegetarian version of this famous dish. The noodle soup was delicious! On the menu I saw a bunch of other dishes that I can’t wait to try, especially the desserts!

You find Pho91 at:


What is your favorite Vietnamese dish?

Sabine de Witte