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Sake tasting

Last week I visited a Sake Masterclass at IZAKAYA, a great Japanese restaurant in the Pijp in Amsterdam. The concept of IZAKAYA is authentic but not traditional and it is literally ‘raising the bar’ when it comes to beverages. It serves a vast array of house infused tonics based on the ancient Japanese spirit Shochu and now they offered a masterclass in Sake.


Sake, often also called ‘rice wine’, is an alcoholic Japanese beverage. Sake can be served hot or cold and has different tastes, depending on the polishing of the rice. Someone who is specialiced in Sake is called a Sake Samurai. They know all about the different fermentation.

IMG_8085 Takanol Sake Rock by IzakayaIMG_8127 Takanol Sake Rock by Izakaya

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