Secrets of Hermes


Paris is my favorite city, Hermès my favorite brand. Hermès always surprises my mailbox with fabulous mailings. I love their drawings and the original way of presenting their new items. Also the creativity of re-using materials, for example the Le Petit Hermès items. Who doesn’t want a special lamp, I’m still looking for the leather coffee cup holder which I didn’t buy in New York and regret almost daily, or classy rainboots? If you can’t afford yourself the Birkin bag, they give you the chance to buy a little piece of it.

Secrets of 24 Fabourg

The prettiest shop is the Hermès shop at 24 Rue du Fabourg in Paris. It is where the brand originally started, the roofgarden inspired the house to create my favorite perfume, un jardin sur le toit. Unfortunately the garden isn’t accessible for clients, but Hermès reveals a bit of the 24 Fabourg secrets in their latest animation. I can highly recommend the newsletter subscription, they always know how to make my day and cheer up my mailbox!

Sabine de Witte