Spanish luxury lifestyle

Although Spain is in a very bad economic situation, they never save money on food. It’s, besides family, the most important thing in the life of Spaniards. Also there is still a big group that can afford itself to eat at the better restaurants, spent a bit more money and love living the good life. There is a very nice word for that group of people: sibaritus. Everybody who loves gourmet, luxury and takes life to the next level, is a sibartus/sibarita.

Sibarita lifestyle

Unfortunately in Holland there’s no such word for that, people even call it ‘posh’ when you tell them you like to sleep in comfortable hotels, spend your money on brands and eat out a lot. Yes, I’m a sibarita and I’m proud of it. I work hard for it to be able to have this lifestyle and I enjoy everything I do. I love to discover new places, eat good food, enjoy a nice wine and wear quality clothes, carry around a pretty bag for all my nice stuff and yes, I own most of the gadgets you like to have as an Apple lover. In Spain and a lot of other countries it’s accepted, in Holland people like to judge where you spend your money at. I work hard so I can buy the € 25,00 Chanel Nailpolish or buy one of the pretty Hermes scarfs. I’m only responsible for myself, no kids or man involved. This is my way of pampering myself. Help me think of a Dutch (or English) word for ‘sibarita’, the winning name gets a new nailpolish 😉

Nailpolish Les jeans de Chanel

Sabine de Witte