Smell like summer

The smell of summer

It’s hard to describe how summer smells, but everyone knows what I mean. The smell of summer is a smell I would love to catch in a perfume bottle, but no matter how many perfumes tried, the exact smell is so unique… Although it’s bad to wear perfume with alcohol when you’re getting tanned, I’d like to smell fresh during hot summer days. My summer favorites:

Acqua di Parma

A classic Italian smell and I prefer the fragrances for men (the fragrances for women smell like your grandmother, way to sweet). This brand combines the smells of Italy, a modern lifestyle and classic taste. I recognize an Acqua di Parma smell immediately, and it’s always worn by people I admire for their classic but modern style and look.

Acqua di Parma perfumes

Cipresso di Toscane is my favorite

Hierbas de Ibiza

The Praktik hotels in Barcelona where I used to stay when I’m there for my monthly business, introduced the brand to me, with their shower gel and shampoo. If you know me a little, you know I don’t like sweet smells and pink perfume bottles don’t suit my collection. I like fresh smells with lime, grass and some spices. At Santa Eulalia, the brilliant shop in Barcelona, I found out their was an actual perfume, but as I was going to Ibiza a week later, I didn’t buy it. I had to buy it there of course. So during my Holiday there last week, I did. And the smell is really like the smell of summer in Ibiza. You smell the flowers, the lime, the suncream, the trees, the Hierbas de Ibiza. I got myself a new favorite. And it reminds me of the relaxed holiday and makes me smile!

Hierbas de Ibiza perfumes

Hotel The Praktik Hierbas de Ibiza shower products


My favorite luxury brand is Hermès. The same with Acqua di Parma, it’s classy, stylish, simple and elegant. The leathers are so pretty and precious. Everything is handmade and customized (therefore I had to wait for my bracelet for 5 months!), I love the details. I also love their perfumes. My favorite during autumn and winter is Voyage d’Hermès, it’s spicy but fresh because of the lime. I have the entire collection from the line, with the bodylotion, showergel and deodorant, because I discovered that it can expand your smell, but you can play with it as well. You decide how strong it will be, if you use all the products, you’ll smell yourself the rest of the day. With only perfume, your smell is less strong and dominant. For the summer, I have the new Jardin sur le Toit. I was in Paris in March when it just launched and when I first smelled it, I realized this was the right summer smell for me. It smells like Paris after a little rain, with flowers and grass, like gin tonic’s with lime and a touch of sweetness from the cities uniqueness. But what I liked the most, is that the smell is created with flowers that are actually on the roofterrace of the Hermès headquarters at 24 Rue Faubourg Saint-Honore in Paris (you can see the garden from the street, if you’re at the right corner). It must be amazing, standing on the terrace, looking over Paris and smell all these flowers, grasses and freshness!

Hermes HeadQuarters Paris

Un Jardin sur le Toit Hermes

Perfume Voyage d'Hermes

My Hermes bracelet

After the launch of Jardin sur le Toit, more famous perfume brands came up with their ‘garden smell’, so the old luxury brand Hermès shows once again that it is completely up to date with what their customers want.

Sabine de Witte