Adapt the local streetstyle

Streetstyle is hot, since the upcoming trend from streetstyle photographers spotting the latest fashion trends and the big fashion blogs. The bloggers are invited for frontrow seats during the Fashion Weeks and other important events.
Last week I was in Glasgow and met with one of the biggest local street photographers: Jonathan D. Pryce from Les Garcons de Glasgow. He told me about the local scene, the local fashion and the weather influences. A very interesting conversation and I was a little surprised by the local fashion scene and the amazing shops Glasgow offers.

Going local

Streetstyle has nothing to do with local clothing. In Holland we don’t wear clogs and in Scotland they don’t wear kilts all the time. I do like to combine local streetstyle with ‘normal’ fashion though, without looking like a tourist. I don’t buy the ‘I love NY’ t-shirts, but a baret in Paris, Scottish diamonds in Glasgow or espadrilles in Spain are funny things to combine with your daily outfits.

Here some of my ‘local streetstyle outfits’:

Streetstyle in Paris

Streetstyle in Glasgow

Do you like streetstyle? Which streetstyle blogs do you follow?

Sabine de Witte