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The Pijp Highlights: Boca’s


Every wednesday, Anne will share the finest hotspots in Amsterdam’s most upcoming area: de Pijp. The best neighbourhood to choose from a wide selection of ethnic food as well as more high-end bars and restaurants. She will help you discover your new favorites out of all the hidden treasures that de Pijp has to offer.…


Hotspots: ontbijten in de Pijp


Voor mij begint relaxed weekend met een uitgebreid ontbijt buiten de deur. Ondertussen blader ik door de nieuwste magazines, lees ik artikelen op mijn iPad en kijk naar de mensen om mij heen. De Wasserette is een van mijn favoriete plekken, maar sinds een paar weken zijn er 2 nieuwe ontbijt hotspots geopend bij mij om de hoek.…


  • Yep, game on! Probably the best thing about these days: ordering food ánd wine from my beloved @thelobbyamsterdam (when I can’t go there, I’ll just bring them to my home), playing games (this is an oldie from my dad), reading, puzzling, talking. It’s weird to only really see one person, but it definitely is intimate. Dating during Corona 😷🥰Enjoying this cozy bubble as much as possible (so no more chess games or scrabble as he comes up with the most bizarre, actually existing words and turns out doesn’t like to lose a strategic game 😅)
  • Home full of love, hope, light and flowers. Shoutout to @wearehold - who dared to speed up the launch of their startup, hacking the Corona crisis and spreading their flowers to avoid mass destruction of flowers and support local growers. Tip of the day: send a loved one such a pretty bouquet
  • A little puppy 🐶 love never hurts nobody. Pablo Escobark is @liselorestap’s cute little furryball and instantly makes you smile with his cute adorable paws. Enjoy the little things in times like these 🐾
  • ❌❌❌ walking or biking through the city, keeping a safe distance. Not being able to roam around freely really got to me today. Enjoy the coziness of your homes, family and loved ones. Use new technologies to stay in touch, or write that card to your granny, friend or acquaintances. Buy something extra and put it in front of the door of your neighbour, support a local business and order from your favourite restaurant. What we are going through is new for everyone, so be gentle l and kind. No need for 17 million opinions or self-proclaimed experts. Trust each other. Keep a little faith. Read Monocle or listen to their podcast, and you might see things from a new perspective. Be creative. Stay safe 🍀
  • Let’s make the best of it, inside. Bizarre times: on one hand as a journalist I want to know everything, on the other hand: the more I know, the more it scares me. Yes, I thought it was a simple flu too, and now... the world stopped functioning as we know it. Time will turn. It will be different, scary, inefficient, unpractical. But I like to believe Li Edelkoort earlier this week in her interview with Dezeen was right: the current economic system, our consumption behaviour, our dependance of production somewhere far away, factors that destabilise our system, don’t fit anymore. We need change. I am worried and excited at the same time: use your time to create, invent, make a difference. Support locals where you can, all from a save distance. Stay inside, stay safe! 🍀 📷 by @clacam
  • Dreaming of better days, with no virus but only my next destination to ‘worry’ about. Planned to book a few trips today but decided to enjoy my other favourite destination, home, instead, waiting for the moment I can roam around freely again. 📸 by @clacam
  • There she goes. My big little sis, walking towards new adventure. No strings attached, no return ticket or date. I’m so incredibly proud, three months exploring Asia being her own guide, before her BF joins her and they continue their worldtrip together. Travel is the only thing that makes you richer, @elisedewitte worked her ass of to realise that dream and be bold enough to give up on the safety of hectic Western daily lives. See you somewhere on the 🌏 sis! 😘 ➡️ you can follow her adventures at @herendelsewhere
  • Vanochtend eindelijk rustig in één ruk uitgelezen. Met een lach en een traan. @moniquevanloon schreef haar verhaal ‘Je bent jong en je krijgt wat’ precies zoals ik haar ken.  Met de missie om jonge vrouwen voor vergelijkbare ellende te behouden. Lees het boek, als je niet weet wat je met het oproepje voor bevolkingsonderzoek aan moet. Of als je ouders bent en je kind kan laten vaccineren. Want als Mo met dit boek één ding doet, is het belang van onderzoek en vaccineren onderstrepen. Voorkomen is een stuk beter dan genezen, dat zal zij meteen beamen. Koop dat boek. Go get yourself checked. Informeer bij vrouwen in je omgeving. Bespaart je hopelijk veel ellende, kun je je met de fijnere dingen in het leven bezig houden. Focussen op het leven vieren. Damn proud Mo!
  • Over the last years I’ve had the pleasure of sleeping in a wide variety of places: monasteries, treehouse, a lighthouse, crane etc., but sleeping in a Secret Chapel in the heart of Amsterdam was very special. Hidden away in an alley in a building that looks totally normal from the outside, this was where Catholics secretly practiced their religion after the 80-year war. A historic rebellious place, this definitely was a holy Sunday morning and an experience I won’t forget anytime soon. Want to impress someone with a stay here too? You can book it yourself via @private_mansions 💒 
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  • Home 💛 📸 by @clacam
  • Happy kid in Paris. Created a new tradition and made the best memories, when your travel company is @evelien_deklerk and you share exact the same interests, have similar taste and a half sentence says it all 👌🏻

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