The Next Web Magazine: Fashion

Although I wouldn’t describe myself as a fashionista, I like fashion. Looking good is important for me, you can only make one first impression and I prefer a representative one. After years of working in a clothing store and sports shop, looking for my own style and wondering around in the fashion industry, I’ve developed a critical eye for fashion. Therefore I’ve been asked to curate the The Next Web magazine, themed Fashion. For me as a geekygirl who likes to look nice, I feel honored to write and curate for the biggest tech site in Europe!

Fashion & tech

What I like about curating most, is to motivate and inspire others to tell their story and find original angles to highlight a certain topic. The Fashion magazine isn’t filled with lookbooks, what to wears and the latest trends. In 2011, listening to Karl Lagerfeld, I realized how complementary fashion and tech are. It gave us smart apps, 3D bracelets, live streaming catwalks and Google Glass wearing models. And don’t forget about fashion bloggers and Instagram.
You can download the magazine for free on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

tnw fashion

Sabine de Witte