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The Pijp Highlights: de Stadskantine

Every wednesday, Anne will share the finest hotspots in Amsterdam’s most upcoming area: de Pijp. The best neighbourhood to choose from a wide selection of ethnic food as well as more high-end bars and restaurants. She will help you discover your new favorites out of all the hidden treasures that de Pijp has to offer.

De Stadskantine

De Stadskantine is a nice place to meet up with friends, read a book, have a good meal or work. Like the name reveals (it means ‘city canteen’ in Dutch) it’s a place similar to a canteen. The concept is that they offer a healthy meal for under € 10. You can get a quick bite to eat or sit down the whole day. The ambiance is cool and very urban, but also relaxed. There’s no pressure to leave the table.



The setting is great with lots of daylight, long tables and an easygoing ambiance with people having meetings or enjoying lunch. The interior is functional, with long wooden (shared) tables. There are many seats inside, but during the summer you can also sit outside. There is no table service, you order at the counter and get your own tableware. The interior is simple, but it fits the concept perfectly.



The Stadskantine offers healthy and honest food: basic breakfasts, sandwiches for lunch and a meat, fish or veggie meal for dinner. For dinner, there is not much to choose from: three dishes, one vegetarian, one with meat and one with fish. But when the food is good (and believe me, it is), that’s all you need. De Stadskantine is also open for breakfast. Like the interior, the menu is simple but perfect. The laid-back ambiance makes De Stadskantine also a great place for working nomads. And an added bonus, besides the free Wifi, is the great coffee.

What’s good? The cool and urban, but relaxed and laid-back ambiance.
Extra: Keep in mind that they only accept card payment, no cash.

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