Travel Curiosities #1


On a daily bases I stumble upon interesting articles on the web and share those frequently on Twitter. Again and again I am asked whether I want to share those articles about; hotels, travel, start-ups, life-hacks and tips, on my website. A very good idea, as not everyone uses Twitter and I get the opportunity to explain why I share it. Therefore the new category: Travel Curiosities. Because travel still remains the main focus. If you have any suggestions for articles to read, please pass them on!

A little bit inspired by Annemerel’s Love & Share section, which in turn is inspired regularly by the articles I share on Twitter.

  • Imagine the world’s largest cities only lit by stars, its breathtaking!
  • Are you a traveler for life? Find out here
  • A 1 kilometer long bike path inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s famed masterpiece “Starry Night” in Krommenie. Wow!
  • Rolf Potts on Travel Tactics, Creating Time Wealth, and Lateral Thinking
  • I want and need this planner!
  • Ever been inside a Mosque? +20 images of mesmerizing Mosque ceilings. Beautiful!
  • The Sphinx area is reopened to tourists, now I can finally see the Sphinx up close
  • Now that it’s getting cold it’s nice to think of the sun and the sunniest spots in the world
Sabine de Witte