Travel Curiosities #2


On a daily bases I stumble upon interesting articles on the web and share those frequently on Twitter. Again and again I am asked whether I want to share those articles about; hotels, travel, start-ups, life-hacks and tips, on my website. A very good idea, as not everyone uses Twitter and I get the opportunity to explain why I share it. Therefore the new category: Travel Curiosities. Because travel still remains the main focus. If you have any suggestions for articles to read, please pass them on!

  • What is our brain up to when we are sleeping? Find out here
  • In case you’re in a creative slump, a list of 52 sites that inspire.
  • Why Mongolia should be next on your bucket list.
  • Luxury ski resorts with innovative new activities for non-skiers.
  • Table manners around the world. They can be very different!
  • These European Christmas markets offer a real festive indulgence.
  • If you love chocolate and Paris, you need to read this guide.
  • Illustrated city guides from Viction:ary, the prettiest I’ve seen so far!
Sabine de Witte