Travel in style

Travel gear is half the fun
Traveling is not always as comfortable as you would like. You can make it a lot easier with the right travel gear. Invest in a suitcase, noise cancelling headphones and your own neck pillow as not all airlines provide pillows anymore. The right suitcase is very personal, but make sure you can use it for hand luggage only. I’ve tried both hardcover and soft cover and swear with the soft ones. As the staff is very rough with loading the luggage, a hardcover is more vulnerable. A softcover can expand a little when you’re suitcase is very packed. I have a Samsonite suitcase, but I’m thinking of the brilliant Travelteq Trip. This suitcase can be used as a seat, plays music and charges your phone or MP3 player. The headset reduces the noise so you can sleep or work during your travel, which makes your travel time more effective. An iPad is ideal for work or relaxing during your flight. I write blogs, notes or watch my favorite series during the flights if I can’t sleep. Always wear socks, bring a scarf and a vest, my experience is that it’s cold high up in the sky!

Sabine in Barcelona waiting

Bose headset no. 15 noise cancelling

Travel in style
Dressing properly, like a business traveler, increases your chances of upgraded seats. Also when you actually go on a holiday, don’t look like a tourist. If you look stylish, staff is more kind and it increases your chances of special treatment. I don’t understand why you enter the plane with flipflops and a tank top, as it’s cold in the plane most of the time. Mango has a summer 2011 campaign about traveling in style, photographed on an airport.

Mango Summer 2011 Travel in Style

How to get an upgrade?
Prepare your flight; if you check-in luggage don’t go to the airport last minute. A lot of airlines work with pre-boarding before boarding. I always try to be the first in line, so I don’t have to wait for other not frequent flyers struggling with their luggage. If you travel a lot, most airports offer a membership to a lounge where you have benefits like free wifi, food and beverages and a special entrance. This membership makes waiting at the airport more comfortable and efficient. With these memberships you can check-in business class. Dress properly, look busy (watch your phone, make calls or work on your laptop) and act annoyed with all the kids around. Not guaranteed, but it worked for me once!

Waiting for a cab in Barcelona

Sabine de Witte