Travelwish: Kurumba

The Maldives is a paradise holiday destination that belongs among my travelwishes. But the island Kurumba makes me really, really, really want to go there sometime soon.



Kurumba was the first island which opened as a resort in the Maldives and still remains one of the most beautiful of its kind. The name Kurumba means Coconut in Maldivian and is named after the many coconut trees that grow graciously on the island. The white beaches and beautiful hotels ensure that the island offers you the perfect blend of tranquility and ultimate luxury. Kurumba Maldives offers a wide range of (luxurious) accommodation, such as hotel rooms, private bungalows and villas. In case you are a person who gets bored easily, do not worry, because you can choose from a variety of activities (such as snorkeling, yes!). Kurumba is also praised for its good restaurants. Count me in!


Sabine de Witte