Travelwish: Norway

Not so long ago we already mentioned Ålesund as our new favorite travel wish. But now Lonely Planet, a guide to all the most relevant and up-to-date advice on what to see, what to skip, and what hidden discoveries await you, gives us more reasons to visit Norway.

Impressive score

Lonely Planet’s ‘Best In Travel 2015’, the prestigious collection of the hottest trends, destinations and experiences for the coming year, appeared in stores last month. Northern Norway is crowned as one of the 10 best regions in the world to visit next year. Mainly due to warm hearted people, wildlife and natural beauty. According to the book “Northern Norway is going to blow your mind with its heartbreakingly beautiful landscapes of glaciers and fjord-riven mountains, all bathed in crystal-clear light. Welcome to one of Europe’s last great wildernesses.” Apart from this Norway got a place in several Top 10 listings, including “Most Illuminating Experiences” (seeing the midnight sun in Svalbard), “Unforgettable Family Travel Experiences” (cross-country skiing through the Norwegian mountains) and ” Best Places To Get A Yes’ (the rock Trolltunga). Wow!

Most Illuminating Experiences

The midnight sun on Norwegian Arctic archipelago of Svalbard is listed 4th as one of the “Most illuminating places”. For good reasons, because between April 15 and August 26 the sun never dips below the horizon, allowing for the midnight sun to mirror its torchlight off glaciers. A breathtaking view!


Noorwegen, here we come!

Sabine de Witte