On my Dutch blog I’ve tried to make a bucketlist with all the travel wishes I have for 2012. While I wrote it, more and more destinations came up. There are so many places to go, so much new cities to discover! But besides the new places, all the upcoming trips (except for London) are places I’ve already been. I don’t mind going back if I had a good time. Barcelona is my second home, Paris my biggest love and Altea is home away from home. This week I’m going to Andorra, for the second time.


Last week I was at the Dutch Vakantiebeurs, a conference you can compare with ITB in Berlin and WTM in London. Unfortunately I got sick during the Dutch Tourism Expo, the 2 days for travel managers. The Vakantiebeurs is mainly focused on consumers. Destinations present themselves, showing their USP’s and try to convince you why you should go on holidays or travel around their country. My bucketlist changed a little after visiting some of these stands. For example my wish for Tokio – I can do that in 2013 right? I’d rather go to Hong Kong this year. Hip, trendy and still a little undiscovered by common tourists. And Norway is probably very nice, but also focused on active outdoor people. My physical condition isn’t capable of walking for hours and sleeping in a tent isn’t adventurous for me. I think a roundtrip in Canada would fit me better. Sleeping in cottages, driving to local highlights, easy walking, taking breathtaking pictures. A little reindeer sledding, bear spotting, wolf howling, forest expeditions and lake experiences. I also think Oman/Dubai is interesting for a luxury lifestyle experience and I wouldn’t mind going to Lille for some vintage and antique shopping as well.

What is your bucketlist when it comes to travel?

Sabine de Witte