Here’s something to light up your lazy sunday evenings: two great TV shows which are definitely worth your time.

Inside Claridge’s

In the TV documentary ‘Inside Claridge’s’, you can witness one of most luxurious hotels of the world and the astonishing lengths her staff wil go to keep the guests happy. For those of you who don’t Claridge yet: it’s luxury in it’s purest form. The hotels reputation is built on respect and tradition and many of the staff have worked there for years. The show is a result of allowing camera’s inside the hotel for one whole year, definitely a must-see!

Mr. Selfridge

The serie is set in Selfridge’s department store, the shopping mecca that American entrepreneur Harry Selfridge built in 1909 and which still exists today on Oxford Street. Mr. Selfridge tells the true tale of Harry Gordon Selfridge, an American businessman whose department store revolutionized the way we see shopping. There are resemblances to “Mad Men,” as well, in that it is a period piece about the business of selling and the dreaminess of buying. The show is so beautifully styled that that alone could make you watch it for hours.

Sabine de Witte