Vienna Fun Facts – and what do YOU know about Vienna?

Vienna, with its imperial splendor and sights, is known all over the world. But the city also has unknown, obscure and surprising details – if you take a closer look! Last year I finally experienced Vienna by myself and it sure was a delight! It is surprisingly green, has great lakes for outdoor activities and as a Dutchie I was pleasantly surprised by the bicycle friendliness of the city and the trendy 25hours hotel, the vineyards and of course the inevitable Sachertorte, coach tour and artworks from Klimmt. When I’m travelling my friends always call me ‘Wikibine’ – a combination of Wikipedia and Sabine, because I always remember the weirdest facts about a destination. That’s why I really love this Vienna campaign and now you can win a trip to this funny city only by sharing your fun facts!

In #ViennaFunFacts, Pippilotta takes us on a special expedition through Vienna. While we see commonly-known or even world-famous places and institutions like Schloss Schönbrunn, the Secession or the Danube Canal, we follow the lens
of Pippilotta’s camera, which points us to more odd and quirky things. For example the cocaine syringe that Empress Elisabeth used, which is now displayed at the Sisi Museum. Or the beehives on the rooftop of the Secession.
Sometimes, appearances are deceiving, and what the Habsburgs may have thought was a unicorn horn is actually the tooth of a narwhale. The sky-high piece of art by Friedensreich Hundertwasser at the second glance turns out to
be a waste incineration plant.
And the former flak tower is now a comfortable home to over 10,000 animals. Vienna is full of surprising impressions and unexpected experiences – even if you think you know a lot about Vienna, there is still so much to learn.


Pippilotta wants to picque our curiosity for seemingly useless knowledge, for fun facts and Viennese myths. With the hashtag #ViennaFunFacts, everyone can submit their fun fact on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr or
YouTube – or via – and send the other users on an extraodi- nary virtual walk through Vienna. And like the narwhale’s tusk played the imperial-royal court for fools, so can users do with each other, by submitting not entirely true „facts“. But beware, other users can pass their verdict on each

A jury with Vienna experts Harald Havas and Stadtbekannt will select the most creative submissions and reward the best ideas with books about Vienna and other selected giveaways. The main prize will be a trip to Vienna and the
inclusion of the winning facts in the next video in Autumn 2014. A special prize for the best submitted photo fun fact will be a Cyber-shot DSC-QX100, a smartphone-attachable lens-style camera from Sony.

Experience fun Vienna with Pippilotta and travel with her through the city in the movie:

You can find the campaign at and on Vienna’s YouTube-

So share your own crazy, weird or fun fact about Vienna and win!

Sabine de Witte