Vincent Fournier

In the Ravestijn Gallery you can now visit a exhibition of the latest project of Vincent Fournier. The exhibition, called ‘Post Natural History’, questions the frontier between the living and the artificial in an aesthetic way.

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It is based on current research regarding synthetic biology and the reprogramming of stem cells. After photographing the animals, Fournier showed his pictures to a specialist in evolutionary genetics. They imagined how these species would evolve in real time, adapting to the future’s changing environment. Fournier collaborated with a team of specialists at a 3D imaging laboratory in Brussels to have his imaginary evolutions blend into the photographs.

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Because the changes are subtle, the viewer is not certain whether these species are real or not, or even when and how they were made. For Fournier, it important that the species themselves are objects of strange beauty, with the reasoning of the transformation being uncertain.

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Sabine de Witte