Where to sit in the plane?

The best plane seats

Everybody wants to stay as comfortable as possible during a flight. Who doesn’t want to be upgraded for nothing? Cheap airlines let you pay for seat changes, even if you book 2 tickets in 1 time, you’re not guaranteed with seats next to each other. With long leggs, the best seats are in front or at the emergency exits, but these are often booked as first. Personally I like to sit right behind the wings, row 19 is my favorite, on the DEF site and, like everybody else, I prefer a window seat. The seating differs per type of plane, so if you’re used to a cityhopper and you’re taking a long flight, be aware!

Seatadvisors recommending the best airplane seats

Thank God for Seatguru, a new project from TripAdvisor. You fill in the type of plane you’re flying with, and it recommends you the best seats in the plane. Of course you have to check the availability during your booking, but at least you’re shore you don’t sit last row where your seat can’t change position.
TripIt offers you SeatExpert, that works pretty much the same as Seatguru. Either you search on flightnumber or on airline company and departure date. I check both for all of my flights, and experienced SeatGuru suits my wishes a bit better.

Where not to sit in the plane? With these seat planners you always pick the right chair.

Of course these seatplanners only advice you about the seats, not about who’s sitting next or in front of you 😉

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